For maintenance service, contact the corporate office of Smythe Property Advisors at 216-241-0200. It is our privilege to serve you and you are important to us.


Name Plates

Residents are requested not to put their names on any entry or other area of the building.


Mail Boxes

Residents are not to amend or remove the mail boxes installed by the owner. Mail is not to be delivered to the box for any person who is not a resident.



No rugs should be beaten on the balconies, nor dust, rubbish or litter swept from the apartment onto the balconies, or outdoor area surrounding the apartments.


Obstructing Exterior Areas

The sidewalks, entries, driveways, and parking pads leading to the garages are not to be obstructed or used for any purpose other than for entrance and exit to and from the respective apartments. Walk off mats or rugs are permitted outside the apartment entry door only.



All damages to the building caused by the moving or carrying of articles and furniture shall be paid by the resident.



Nothing shall be thrown out of windows of the building, nor shall anything be hung from the outside of the windows or placed on the outside window sills, including any type of wiring, antenna, etc.



Nothing shall be displayed or attached to the apartment door, nor on any common area door.


Nails/Hooks in Walls

Small picture hooks are acceptable; however, any holes must be fully repaired upon vacancy. Painting and wall coverings are permitted only by express written permission of the owner and then the suite must be returned to the original color at vacancy by the resident. Please, no adhesive hooks on doors or towel hangers on any walls.



There shall be no cooking or baking done except in the kitchen. Ovens are to be used only for cooking and should never be used for heating, or to dry laundry, or other such uses.


Waste of Water

Water should not be left running for any unreasonable or unnecessary length of time. Any leaking or “running” toilet or faucet should be immediately reported to the corporate office for repair.


Tampering with Apparatus

No Resident shall interfere in any manner with any portion either of the heating, lighting, security, or camera apparatus in or about the apartment or in or about the building and grounds.



No noise, music, disorderly conduct, or conduct that is annoying or disturbing to the occupants of the property shall be permitted.



Laundry is to be done only in the laundry facility in in each suite provided for such purposes. The use of portable washing machines in other areas of the suite is prohibited. The laundry facilities in the suite are for use by residents only. No guests, visitors, or other persons are permitted access to the facility or usage of the equipment. Tampering with the laundry equipment is prohibited and may result in criminal charges.


Moving Equipment

No appliances may be removed from any part of the building. All appliances must be left in the apartment.



Dogs and cats are permitted in the apartment PROVIDED a pet agreement has been established and signed, a pet deposit is paid, and monthly pet rent is paid. Reptiles, rodents, birds, or other animals are not permitted in the apartment.



Children are not permitted to loiter or play in the front court, driveway, parking lot, or common areas. Children’s toys and equipment (i.e. strollers) are not to be stored at any time in the parking lot, driveways, or on any balconies.



Do not allow strangers to enter your apartment. Employees of the electric or water companies should display a proper badge or other credentials. Any suspicious sightings should be reported to the police and the corporate office immediately.


Private Work of Employees

Residents are not permitted to ask employees of the owner/agents to do work of a private nature during work hours. Residents who wish to employ any such person must have written permission of the property owner prior to the work being done.


Defects in Pipes and Wires

Notice of defects in gas, water or steam pipes, electric wires, or in the building structure should be immediately reported to the corporate office.


Parking Spaces

Parking lots and spaces shall only be used for the storage of resident vehicles and for no other purpose. Guests are to park in designated spaces only. All vehicles must have a current license plate and registration, and be in an operating condition. No vehicle maintenance or cleaning is permitted in the parking areas or driveways. Vehicles in violation of the parking lot regulations will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense. No commercial trucks, trailers, campers or recreational vehicles are permitted. Motorcycles must be parked in a designated parking space only.



No waterbeds shall be permitted in the premises without the express written permission of the owner.


Window Coverings

All window coverings shall present a white or light appearance to the exterior. No decals, pictures, signs, or illuminated graphics are permitted to be displayed in windows.



Bicycles are not permitted to be left or stored outside or in the common areas at any time. All bicycles must be kept inside the apartment.


Shopping Carts

Commercial type shopping carts are not permitted on the property. Small portable shopping carts which can be folded up and stored inside the apartment are permitted.



City ordinance prohibits grilling/cooking/deep frying on the balconies. No rugs, towels, blankets or other items are to be placed over the railings of the balconies. All furniture on a balcony must be designated outdoor furniture and not upholstered or “typical” indoor furniture. No baby pools, hot tubs, saunas, outdoor showers, or other such devices are permitted on the balconies or outside common areas. No pets are to be tied up or left out on the balconies without supervision at all times.



The resident is not permitted to change the locks without written permission from the owner and must give the corporate office a copy of the new key.


Christmas Trees

Live Christmas trees are considered a fire hazard and are not permitted. Only artificial Christmas trees are allowed.


Space Heaters

Space heaters may present a fire hazard. If you use a space heater, it can only be an electric heater (no propane or other fuels) and it must have tip over and surge suppression safety features. Space heaters are to be monitored when in use, and never left operating when a resident is not in the apartment.



Do not overload outlets. Do not use extension cords but rather always use a surge suppressor. Do not connect multiple surge suppressors to one outlet.



All trash, garbage, and pet waste is to be disposed of immediately in the dumpster provided for such purpose on the grounds. No trash or other debris is to be placed in the common areas at any time, for any length of time. No trash, furniture, mattresses, etc. are to be placed next to the dumpster.


Smoking Materials

All smoking materials are to be fully extinguished and disposed of, once the ash is cool, into the dumpster. No smoking materials are to be littered on the ground, etc.


Outdoor Cooking

No outdoor cooking on grills, or other equipment is permitted at any time in any location.



We strongly recommend that the resident obtain renter’s insurance coverage for personal property and contents of the apartment. Management accepts no liability for resident’s personal property at any time.



The purpose and intent of the Rules and Regulations is to guarantee, as far as it is possible, the right for each resident to have quiet enjoyment of their apartment. Your cooperation is self-rewarding.


Further Rules

Owner or agent may make such other reasonable Rules and Regulations as judged necessary at any time. Such additional Rules shall be kept and observed by the residents, their families, visitors, guests, clerks, and agents.


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